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June 2015 single "Ahimsa" from the upcoming full-length "(Hope)".

Alexander Evans - Vocals
Douglas Hammarstam - Drums
William Zackrisson - Guitar
Sebastian Ryderberg - Guitar
Ed Challis - Bass



Pacifists of the world

Arise from the ruins
You once called your home
Heal the wounds
Mend its broken bones

Peace-keepers of old
Defend your name
Reclaim the hold
Take back what is yours

How can we live like this?
How can we live like this?
We scrape from the bottom
In a river of blood
The gold beneath the sand, just dust

Can you feel the fire in these words?
These are the days, the flame must spark in you
Be the change that you want to see in the world
Be the antidote to see this dying race through

See us through

As easily as the leaf
Is plucked from its tree
So shall we
Set ourselves free

From fear
of death

Find the inner ember
Within the ash
The smoke wont blind you
Rest assured, you'll burn

Set yourself aflame
The pacifist self-immolates
Set yourself aflame



released June 6, 2015
Song written by Alexander E. and Sebastian R.
Lyrics by Alexander E.
Recorded and mixed DIY by Douglas H.
Mastered by Jack Shirley.
Artwork by Stonino (except logo by Max G. and layout by Alexander E.)



all rights reserved


Vona Stockholm, Sweden

Indefinate hiatus. Thanks for all the support.


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